Color Alert: Splash Into Fall

Guys, when’s the last time you tried something fun and different with your wardrobe? Whether it’s just another day on the job or a formal event with your lady, find out how to spice up your look from contributing Writer and Men’s Stylist Ivan Surcy of H2T Consulting:

Gentleman – why blend in when you can STAND OUT? All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity. Color does not bite! You will be surprised at how many heads will turn when you add a splash of color to your wardrobe. It could be as simple as a purple shirt, an orange pocket square or vibrant socks. These signature pieces will spice up any wardrobe. Take a hint from nature…the hues of fall can be your inspiration.

One of the trends for Fall 2013 is the bow tie…yes fellas, they’re back! Wearing a bow tie screams sophisticated elegance, and for fall there is a wide array of these ties to choose from. Bow ties have been on practically every men’s designer runway this year.

I am the first to admit I love unique stores and boutiques. However, you can’t beat Macy’s for men’s socks. Yes! Macy’s carries a great assortment of colorful, fun socks at prices to fit any wallet. The great thing is that you get a variety of three in one pack. For those of you who already frequent Macy’s, you know that they have a sale every other day so don’t hesitate to stop in on your lunch break.

Check back soon and shop ’til you drop!!


3 comments on “Color Alert: Splash Into Fall

  1. LOVE THIS! This will help so many guys step a little outside the box and beef up their fashion sense. Great start and I so look forward to where it goes from here!!! Congratulations Ivan Surcy and Aliya Patrice on both the site and the blogs! BEAUTIFUL!!!


  2. Appreciate the comment. We are striving to broaden the minds of those who may be a tad skeptical about taking chances with wardrobe choices. (IKS)


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