Let’s Play Catch Up!


Let me start off by re-introducing myself…My name is Aliya Patrice, I’m 30-years-old, a new Mother to a sweet baby girl, wife to a wonderful man and a Healthcare Project Manager. I have a passion for fashion, and an even greater love for helping women to feel beautiful through the expression of their own personal BEST style.

Needless to say life has happened…and happened fast! My jaw dropped when I saw that my last blog post was over a year ago. For starters, I promise to never let that happen again {pinky swear}! Secondly, let’s do a quick recap of some of my everyday looks over the past year from social media…from pre-pregnancy, to 9 months pregnant, and then postpartum. If you see anything you like, leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to recall the brand and/or where the item was purchased. I’m an avid thrifter {we’ll talk about that soon}, so some pieces may be from local thrift/consignment shops. Toodles for now!!

QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-22-56-32-2QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-22-57-18-2 QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-22-57-51-2QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-02-36-2QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-04-51-2 QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-05-04-2QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-05-21-2 QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-06-07-2 QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-06-50-2 QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-07-28-2 QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-07-48-2  QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-09-51-2 QuickMemo+_2015-07-18-23-10-11-2

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