The Polka Dotted Line: Be You, Period.

The Polka Dotted Line: Be You, Period.


Truth is, I’m outfitted in business casual to business attire 95% of my days being a corporate girl in the healthcare industry. Blogging is my outlet to express and share all of the other sides of me through my personal style. My style can be all over the place…It’s not always classic, edgy, preppy, glamourous, flamboyant or sexy…but that’s what makes me unique. It’s so important to stay true to yourself, otherwise you become a carbon copy of your influencers. Don’t allow what you see trending on social media, in magazines or on TV determine how you dress. Your style should be an expression of who YOU are and how you feel from day to day!

I tend to buy individual pieces that I love and piece them together with things that I already own to create a look versus buying an entire outfit that has already been created, advertised and most likely worn by others many times over. Don’t get me wrong though…if you love the whole look, buy it! Just don’t pass up the opportunities to be creative within your own closet. My rule of thumb is if I can’t think of 3 different ways to style a piece within my existing wardrobe then I need to re-think purchasing, unless I’m willing to invest in all the other clothing/shoes/accessories that are needed to complete the look. Sometimes it’s worth it, and other times that garment or pair of shoes will just sit in your closet and collect dust forever!

Here, I’m wearing a polka dot crop top from a local boutique {love supporting small businesses!}, acid wash jeans {thrifted new}, pastel pink heels from ZARA and a sweet little satchel purse by Betsey Johnson. This is actually my first time rocking a crop top since I gave birth to my daughter 8 months ago. I still haven’t completely ‘snapped back’, but I’m loving the skin I’m in! God created us women in such a spectacular way, to expand and retract like magic, and i’m just thankful to have taken part in the experience! Enjoy!







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