Sexy-servative /sex-i ‘ย sur-vuh-tiv/ definition: a style that serves sexy conservatively; typically displayed only by the most confident at heart. HA!! I know…i’m so cheesy witty! Don’t judge me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I honestly just love a completely covered up look that’s sexy at the same time, and a woman that can pull it off is sure to get the right kind of attention.

A blazer and denim is by far one of my favorite go-to looks, especially when I’m not really sure what to wear or what the occasion calls for. The jeans keep it casual, and the blazer adds a touch of sophistication so you really can’t go wrong. And for a clean tucked in look pair it with a bodysuit that won’t get slouchy as you move throughout the day or night. Top it all off with your favorite stunner heels and you’ll be ready to steal the show!











Jeans & Bodysuit:ย New York & Co.ย // Worthington (thrifted new) // Shoulder Bag: Bebeย (old)ย Shoes:ย Lola Shoetiqueย // Watch:ย Michael Korsย // Rings & Necklace:ย Nordstrom

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