Twinning With My Mini!

I experienced my firstย mini {impromptu} shoot with my sweet baby girl this past weekend thanks to a great girlfriend after a lunch outing, and I must say we had a blast! Natalya Joy is 11-months-old and she’s now standing and walking with support or holding on to things. As a Mom I’m too excited to see her developing, although all the Mama’s with experience say ‘be careful what you wish for…once they’re on the move you’ll never get a break!!’. This little girl is my heart, my constant happiness and she’s a miracle baby which makes her little milestones that much more special for me. Now that’s she’s mobile you’ll be seeing a lot more of her appearances on the blog…although during this brief shoot she tried to pop a squat every 2 minutes to transition to crawling lol!

Our coordinating outfits are from Old Navy, and I was pleasantly surprised to find so many matching mommy & baby items to choose from. I have been quite impressed with their fall/winter collection lately, and I’ve racked up quite a bit for the whole family over the past month! I’m obviously still mad for plaid, and I’m sharing the obsession with my mini in hopes that she’ll be a stylish little plaid lover {she’s a Daddy’s girl so I’m crossing my fingers that she won’t be a tomboy!} ๐Ÿ˜‰










My top, heels & Natalya’s entire outfit: Old Navyย // Jeans: New York & Co.ย // Handbag: JustFabย // Necklace: BaubleBarย // Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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