Summer Feels In Fall

Summer Feels In Fall

Wouldn’t our ‘getting dressed life’ be so much easier if the seasons played out exactly according to their names? You know…summer=hot, fall=cool, etc. Well we all know that’s rarely the case, and my city (Atlanta) has been no exception! Dressing for the season even when the temps don’t match can be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable.

Make a habit of checking the weather every morning when you wake up (I use the Weather Channel app on my smartphone) to see what the highs and lows will be that day. Yes, I check the weather solely for fashion purposes {no shame} lol! This tells me if and how much I need to layer to be season appropriate AND comfortable throughout the day. If it’s going to be predominately warm I will go sleeveless, but throw on a layer to give me that fall look. As we move into winter, layering will become even more important when getting dressed.

Here I wore a pencil skirt as a tube dress, and layered with a wool vest. Being creative like this will save you tons of money, and reduce the feeling of having to run to the mall just to complete an outfit. The trick is when you look at a garment in your closet, don’t look at it solely for it’s original purpose, but look at it for what it can potentially be. I wanted a berry colored dress and didn’t have one, so I put on my “creative glasses” and did a second scan across my wardrobe. The same goes for other pieces…a dress can be worn as a top, a jumpsuit can be worn as a pants, etc. This vest could also be worn with a long sleeve top or thick sweater in the coming winter months.

I paired my outfit with loose fitting over-the-knee boots to allow my legs to breath in the warm temps. Lastly, I completed the look with gold chain accessories to add a bit of an edge, and a neutral taupe handbag that matches everything. A taupe bag is an essential accessory because sometimes the colors in an outfit are just too busy for a bag with a bold color.

This exact wool waterfall vest from Make Me Chic is sold out, but I’ve linked some affordable and beautiful longline vests for you to shop herehereherehere and here (versatile piece that can be worn as a layering piece or dress).

I’d love to hear how you’re layering in this super transitional season so leave me a comment below! I’ll also answer any questions that you may have.

Until next time… 🙂


Skirt worn as dress: Old Navy // Boots: ShoeDazzle // Handbag: JustFab // Necklace & Bracelet: Nordstrom // Watch: Michael Kors // Sunnies (old)



  1. Bukky
    December 18, 2015 / 1:54 am

    Wow. I will never guess that’s a skirt worn as dress. You just taught me one thing today. And thank you for sharing the affordable vest . I love them all.

    • December 18, 2015 / 3:40 am

      I’m so glad you love it hun, and as always, thank you for visiting my blog! You are truly the sweetest! 🙂

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