Happy Mother’s Day UK!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mum’s in the UK and Ireland {confession: it’s actually past midnight and I’m up blogging in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping}! I have some blogger girlfrands that celebrated this tradition that’s also known as Mothering Sunday today, and I figured it was a great excuse to share a few candid pics of Hubby and I with our little love after church last Sunday!

She is our heart, our joy…literally our everything, and we are so so so thankful for her! Everyday is Mother’s Day to me for the simple fact that God handpicked me to raise this amazing girl and I get to enjoy her every single day of my life. Having a daughter is a dream come true, and of course I dreamt of the endless matching outfits that we would one day wear together lol!

Well Old Navy has made that so doable, especially for a Mama that likes to save and LIVES for a good sale! I snagged Natalya’s tunic top on sale for $4, and on another trip a week later snagged my dress on clearance for $7. You tell me what other store can style us so adorably for under 11 bucks?!?! For casual and relaxed work styles Old Navy is my go-to store, and the same goes for Natalya’s wardrobe. I don’t believe in investing tons of money into a child’s wardrobe because they grow out of everything so fast. As for me, splurging on an item {my splurge = >$100} is a rare occurrence because I like to try new styles frequently and I’m funny about wearing the same pieces often. Old Navy stays up on the style trends and low on the price tags which is perrrfect for our lifestyle! I even keep Hubby in the freshest workout gear for a fraction of the cost compared to Nike and other top athletic brands.

So there’s my spiel about Old Navy {#sorrynotsorry} for like the 100th time! I probably should just go on ahead and work for them. πŸ˜‰

I hope you all had a beautiful & relaxing weekend!IMG_20160228_190947IMG_20160306_222423_20160307115533801IMG_20160306_221129IMG_20160306_225952IMG_20160307_013544IMG_20160306_222257

8 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day UK!!

  1. This is pure perfection right hereπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸ’― God will always bless and keep that bond forever dear. Xo


  2. So proud of the wonderful parents that you both are and the loving example of black love that you are to the world around you. old school mum.


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