Team #SmileBrilliant For Pearly Whites!

Team #SmileBrilliant For Pearly Whites!

If you’re in the business of smiling {which I’m sure all of my followers are…*wink & smile*}, then I have a product share that may leave you cheesing even harder plus a GIVEAWAY so keep reading! Over the years I have shied away from teeth whitening systems because of my super sensitive teeth, but I’ve recently partnered with a brand that packs a powerful whitening punch AND includes a desensitizing  gel that provides some relief for people like me.

Smile Brilliant offers a professional whitening system that doesn’t involve going to the dentist, but still delivers a totally customized experience with the use of custom-fitted trays. You get your kit, send off the impressions, receive your trays and you’re on your way to cheddar-less teeth! It’s as simple as that!0824162230a0824162230The impressions were super easy to do using the pastes (pictured above), and took all of 15 minutes. Just be sure to allow your impressions to completely dry before placing them in the prepaid package provided by Smile Brilliant.08241622361103162036The kit comes with very easy to follow step-by-step instructions for the whitening process. If you have sensitivity problems use the desensitizing gel first (within an hour before you whiten). You can read up on causes and solutions for sensitive teeth HERE, and watch an awesome video tutorial on the entire process HERE.1103161950fSo are you ready for the results?! I was blown away by the difference in my teeth after only six 45-minute long applications. Clearly this wine lover and coffee-obsessed Mama didn’t realize the color damage that these liquids have caused to my poor teeth. I actually thought I was doing alright with my smile, but now that I see the difference…clearly I was living a lie! Ha!

Click on images above for a closer look!


Can you guess which smile is brighter?! 😉

Now for the fun stuff!…

One lucky follower of mine will win a whitening kit of your own including 1 tray creation kit + 6 gel syringes of your choice. Just enter your name and email address HERE. The winner will be notified directly by the company. Good luck!

Everyone can also receive 5% off a Smile Brilliant purchase using coupon code “aliyapatrice” at checkout.

Till next time my loves….



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