Flat Tummy Tea: Your Answer To Bloat

Have you ever suffered from the ever so dreaded bloated belly?! That jello-like pudge that no matter what you consume {or don’t consume} or how much you workout…just won’t GO AWAY!! I know I have, and it’s not fun or cute.

Well, I’ve found a tasty concoction of 100% natural herbal ingredients that will kickstart your weight loss and help to rid that bloat! Flat Tummy TeaΒ is a two step tea detox that is known to help cleanse your system, boost energy and support a healthy metabolism. img_20161022_215635As a toddler Mom, corporate chick and entrepreneur, I honestly haven’t had a chance to get in the gym inΒ a while {ughh more like a year}, and as much as I try to eat super clean and healthy I find myself grabbing whatever I can get my hands on in a rush! I drank a cup of the Activate tea first thing in the AM, and the Cleanse tea every other night before bed for 30 days (only adding a dash of honey and lemon). The results were great even though this teatox was not as powerful as I was expecting. But that was OK by me because I wasn’t making those embarrassing runs to the bathroom at work {ain’t nobody got time for that!}. Flat Tummy TeaΒ also replaced my morning coffee and I still had the energy I needed to power through those early morning hours.psx_20161114_224810

Kissing goodbye to bloat like…deuces!!! πŸ˜‰

Now let’s be real here…

I’m not one to prance around in a sports bra, but this teatox has my tummy on fleek!! I promise I wouldn’t have taken these photos just a month ago. I do encourage you to workout and eat healthy in combination with any cleanse. A good clean diet includes lots of produce, whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy. Cut sugar and fat as much as possible. This tea has definitely motivated me to get my workout life together, and to be more strict about my diet!dsc_0616-005Now head on over to Flat Tummy TeaΒ to get your two or four week pack! As always, leave any questions you may have in the comments below, andΒ tell me all about your results after trying the tea!!


7 comments on “Flat Tummy Tea: Your Answer To Bloat

  1. You look amazing! I’ve been on the fence about trying it even though so many people rave about how good it works. You made be a believer, I think I may have to give it a go after all!


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