Inner Street Thoughts

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day lovelies! I hope it was a love-filled day for you! I thought this street style outfit post was fitting to follow such a holiday because I want to share a little bit about my experience shooting this look…and it’s a BIG self-love lesson!

Can we put our egos to the side for a second and have some honest girl talk?! Ok, great! Soooo on this particular day I’m posing for the camera confidently…feelin’ my outfit…totally convinced that these pics are going to be UH-MAZING!! Fast forward to about a week later when I receive the proofs from my photog…total dev-a-stationI hated the way I looked in those jeans and that bodysuit. I was subconsciously comparing my body to all of the “5’10-long-legged-cinched waist-perfectly proportioned-Instagram girls” that I scroll through everyday, and immediately felt subpar. The truth is, even the most beautiful woman in the world has body insecurities, it’s really just all relative to our own personal views on what ‘perfect’ looks like. And of course we will always be our own worst critics, right?!

Eventually {after a woman-to-woman pep talk with my super sweet photographer}, I started to come back around to my senses and remember that I was perfectly handcrafted by my God! Every curve, bump, and lump is uniquely mine and should be embraced by me! Boy I tell ya…comparison will have your mind all out of whack and your self-image majorly distorted! As women I think we need to make a habit of asking ourselves these two questions…

Are you honest with yourself?

Is your mind kind to your body and soul?

Being honest with ourselves is so important. In terms of self-image I think this means learning to accept the things we cannot change about our bodies, and making an honest effort to work on the things we can do something about. For me personally, physical fitness has been a challenge lately because of my crazy schedule juggling being a Mama, corporate professional, entrepreneur and blogger..but somehow I still beat myself up about it {that unkind mind again!} instead of cutting myself some slack! If this is you too, let’s make a conscious effort going forward to be kinder in our thoughts to our body and soul. After all, we only have one in this lifetime so we betta learn to love it!!

I’m sharing all of this personal ‘stuff’ because I strongly feel that as women we have to support each other, and the best way to do that is through first being honest with one other. Then we can hold each other accountable to do better! 😉atlantaphotographer-30-zf-0721-87858-1-030atlantaphotographer-32-zf-0721-87858-1-032atlantaphotographer-38-zf-0721-87858-1-038atlantaphotographer-34-zf-0721-87858-1-034atlantaphotographer-35-zf-0721-87858-1-035atlantaphotographer-36-zf-0721-87858-1-036atlantaphotographer-33-zf-0721-87858-1-033            Bodysuit: Lavish Alice // Jeans: New York & Co. // Camo Boots: Ego Shoes //                                                                    Mini Briefcase Purse: ZARA

PC: Gossett Photography

14 comments on “Inner Street Thoughts

  1. Truly we are our own worst critic and beauty to one is not to the other. I totally love to see curves just like yours and woman with such curves like yours is beautiful to me.
    I can relate to insecurities though. Mine is my tummy area.
    Thank you so much for sharing and I will be putting your suggestions into practice-to ask oneself honest questions.
    Yes we are fearfully and wonderfully made and Internet models will not make us to believe otherwise.


  2. This was a great topic Aliya, we as women are so hard on ourselves especially comparing ourselves to what we see on social media, tv and magazines. It’s so important that we as women encourage one another and realize that we were fiercely and wonderfully made in God’s eyes! Thank you for being transparent.


    • Thank you for your input Shannan, you are so right! Honesty and encouragement between women is a beautiful thing and so, so necessary. I hope you’re having a great week! 🙂


  3. You ALWAYS look beautiful… not just physically, but the way you treat others makes you anything but “subpar”. Thank you for sharing your positive energy and smiles with me on photoshoots! You are perfectly you!


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