“Car” & “Poplin”: Fashion Trends Translated

We’re just four days away from spring, can you believe it?! It seems like this bi-polar winter weather has carried on forever, and I’m so ready to rock shorts and straw hats! One of this season’s trends that I just had try was the “car” coat and top. I spotted this geometric print sweatshirt from ZARA that is inspired by the car fit. I literally felt soooo high fashion when I wore it (haha!), and got lots of compliments while walking the streets. I feel like ZARA brought this style to life this winter with their inventive collection of boxy, but sleek & feminine top and coats!AtlantaPhotographer-49-(ZF-7243-82406-1-049) BWSo why is this style referred to as “car”? The fashion nerd in me just had to dig deeper! The car coat was originally an outer garment made to be worn by automobile drivers to provide maximum warmth and coverage (remember, cars were open back in those days!). This design translated to high fashion in the 1920’s, and has continued to trend in popular culture. The look today is a bit oversized but structured, and for coats, the length hitting at mid thigh.

Now let’s talk about “poplin” for spring…AtlantaPhotographer-41-(ZF-7243-82406-1-041)AtlantaPhotographer-44-(ZF-7243-82406-1-044)AtlantaPhotographer-46-(ZF-7243-82406-1-046)AtlantaPhotographer-48-(ZF-7243-82406-1-048)AtlantaPhotographer-50-(ZF-7243-82406-1-050)AtlantaPhotographer-45-(ZF-7243-82406-1-045)AtlantaPhotographer-47-(ZF-7243-82406-1-047)The “poplin” shirt will definitely be poppin’ for spring! Poplin is a strong fabric (typically cotton) with crosswise ribs that typically gives a corded surface…hence the ability to create flare, ruffles, pleats and even scalloped detailing on shirts.

Here’s a little inspiration slideshow of my favorite poplin styles for the season ahead. You can snag similar poplin styles for affordable prices from retailers like Zara, SheIn, H&M, Topshop, Express & F21. Are you digging all the frills, bows & big flowy sleeves?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fashionably Yours,



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