Purpose-Ready Style!

Purpose-Ready Style!

This BOSS-y outfit is the perfect look to pair with my current attitude {driven!} after this Sunday morning’s sermon about Purpose –> the reason we were given life. This is a very interesting topic to me, because statistics show that the majority of people do not live out their purpose in life. Now whether you base your purpose on doing what YOU love or doing what God has called you to do, fulfilling a purpose during your lifetime is so important!march3-7-(ZF-3079-62659-1-028)I love this quote by the late Myles Munroe…“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” I want to share with you guys some good food for thought (from my pastor) to self-reflect on, because I surely found it motivational to apply to my own life!

Five Levels To Life:

  1. Doing what you hate.
  2. Doing what you do. (average, ordinary mundane life)
  3. Doing what you love.
  4. Doing what you and God love! (the sweet spot; when your life makes a difference in the world)
  5. The trinity of fulfillment
    • Doing what God called you to do
    • Doing what you’re gifted in
    • Doing what you love to do!

At the end of the day our calling/purpose is much higher than just pleasing the world. For me personally, I’m somewhere between levels 3 and 4, but am aiming to reach level 5 in the near future. I hope this inspires you as much as it did me!

march3-3-(ZF-3079-62659-1-024)march3-2-(ZF-3079-62659-1-023)march3-4-(ZF-3079-62659-1-025)march3-8-(ZF-3079-62659-1-029)march3-1-(ZF-3079-62659-1-022)march3-5-(ZF-3079-62659-1-026)Sleeveless Vest (worn as a blazer dress & under $20!): AliExpress // Pumps (last season): Zara // Fur Stole: Nordstrom // Clutch: Charming Charlie // Visit my Instragram (@aliyapatrice) and download the rewardStyle app to get shoppable links on similar items that I’ve curated just for you!

Happy Sunday my lovelies!! 🙂

PC: Gossett Photography

Hair By: M. Sharron Designs (IG: @msharrondesigns)


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