The Get Waisted Boutique: Business Tips For The Female Entrepreneur

The Get Waisted Boutique: Business Tips For The Female Entrepreneur

Happy Memorial Day Weekend babes!! I’m excited to share a recent collaboration with you guys because it’s a double whammey…we’re talking fashion AND first-hand business advice for the female entrepreneur. Often times as women we are our own worst critic, and will allow our insecurities and adversities to talk us out of pursuing our dreams. The bottom line is WE are the strongest creation on earth, and are capable of accomplishing ANYTHING we put our minds too!

Well Kendra, owner of The Get Waisted Boutique, is giving us an extra dose of encouragement to go after our goals and make them a reality in this recent interview I did with her. She has a successful boutique inside of Stonecrest Mall in Atlanta, GA. It’s rare that I walk into a store and want every.single.item, but Kendra’s collection of apparel and accessories was literally love at first sight! I’ll be sharing three looks with you guys from her boutique including this fabulous floral jumpsuit that’s a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe!

Keep reading ’cause there’s a little treat at the end for ya! 😉AtlantaFashionPhotographer-3-(ZF-0352-30395-1-003)AtlantaFashionPhotographer-11-(ZF-0352-30395-1-010)AtlantaFashionPhotographer-8-(ZF-0352-30395-1-007)AtlantaFashionPhotographer-7-(ZF-0352-30395-1-006)AtlantaFashionPhotographer-6-(ZF-0352-30395-1-005)AtlantaFashionPhotographer-1-(ZF-0352-30395-1-001)

Tell me a little about your boutique and how you got started?
The Get Waisted Boutique is a one-stop styling shop for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to come build their unique rendition of sexy starting from their shapewear to their outfit, and then on to their shoes and accessories. I am a single Mother of three. When I started The Get Waisted Boutique 4 years ago I was a Mother of one, and like most Mothers I was in search of the best, yet cost effective snatchback solution. In researching different solutions, waist trainers really caught my eye. It was something about the whole “Look Better Feel Better Now and Over Time with Diet and Exercise” trend that intrigued my interest. So I purchased one and I really liked the look of it on my body, but not necessarily the feel or the comfort. Heck, I purchased one that put bruises down my back. This began my research. There are different levels of support when it comes to waist training and shapewear. And when you think about it this makes sense because there are many different body types of women. We cater to all body types and all sizes. This has set us apart from other companies. We believe and have proven that ladies can waist train comfortably and discretely. Our clients love our ‘no rolling’, ‘no flipping’, and no back pain sizing techniques. Our trainers can be worn under a fitted dress, at the gym, or 8+ plus hours a day at work and the comfort level will continue.
Over this past year The Get Waisted Boutique has been blessed and has evolved into the one-stop styling shop we are today. Not only do we continue to shape women’s bodies, we now style women’s bodies through our couture fashion pieces. Our clothing styles are different and trendsetting. If you desire designer clothing looks that can set you apart from others come ‘GET WAISTED’ with us. We’ve got you covered from formal wear, birthday behavior, all-white parties, business attire, vacation and casual Pieces. Your wish ss our command. Our goal is to help women, Mothers, and girls look and feel their best inside and out. Confidence is everything!
Take us through a day in your life as a fashion entrepreneur…
A day in the life of a entrepreneur is always different. We crave adventure and freedom. I rarely do the same things everyday. One day may be all work and the next day may be all play…but it’s always business at the end of the day. I love fashion so I may go attend Fashion Week in New York today, and for me this is all play but it’s still business. Next week, I may be in downtown Atlanta all day filling out paperwork and getting government approvals. For me this is all work that’s not necessarily fun, but it’s business. I hate to punch the time clock, I love to get out and make things happen for myself and my family.
What are you biggest challenges as an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur is awesome! I love the freedom that comes with it, but there are some big challenges you have to face. From marketing, to planning, to budgeting, meeting deadlines, having the proper qualifications, building a team and making all final decisions…I would say the biggest challenge to being an entrepreneur is being able to take big risks. This can be very scary. You literally have to put your financial life on the line in order to succeed at something you believe in. But you can’t be afraid. With big risk comes big reward. No risk, no reward. I’d tell anyone that if you have a deep yearning passion to be an entrepreneur then pursue that passion.
Be A go-getter! We have one life to live, so don’t live it in fear. Go for the things you want and the things you believe you can accomplish.
How do you stay up on what’s trending in fashion when it comes to selecting your inventory? 
When it comes to selecting inventory I like to stay up on what’s trending through fashion shows, social media, TV,  magazines, blogs, you name it. But even more so, just being hands on with my ladies and listening to their needs and wants. We don’t just cater to one type of woman at The Get Waisted Boutique. We are all special and different and we all have unique tastes when it comes to fashion. Young to well seasoned, we all have a need and desire to embrace who we are as individuals through our lifestyle, our culture, and our fashion.
I know that you specialize in custom-fitted waist trainers, what are the benefits of waist training for women?
At The Get Waisted Boutique we specialize in custom fitted 100% latex and neoprene material waist trainers because there are so many benefits to waist training the right way. You can accelerate weight loss, reduce inches around the waist, eliminate back fat and muffin top instantly, look better in your outfits, improve your posture, relieve back pain, and recover your shape quickly after giving birth and post weight loss surgery. We recommend all healthy ladies come ‘Get Waisted’, you will fall in love with the changes your body will make. Some ladies may need doctor approval to waist train if any previous conflicting health conditions exist.
What single piece of advice would you give to other women interested in starting their own business?
The best piece of advice I could give to women interested in starting their own business is to KEEP GOING! Heartbreak, so what. Kids, so what. Let downs and disappointments, so what. Let any obstacle in your life be your motivation! The world is yours for the taking. You can do, be, and have all your heart desires. Don’t let anything deter you. Be confident, be different,  be optimistic, and most of all be you. Ask God for help and guidance. He will direct your path.

The Get Waisted Boutique will be launching their website soon, and you’ll be able to shop the looks online (follow me on IG @aliyapatrice for updates)! For my Atlanta ladies, mention ‘Aliya Patrice’ when you shop in-store for an extra 15% off your purchase!

Fashionably Yours,

PC: Gossett Photography

Hair By: M. Sharron Designs (IG: @msharrondesigns)



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    What an ADORABLE name for a boutique! I can’t wait for the website to launch! Also, you are gorgeous 🙂

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