Vest Styles: Elevate Your Basics

Hey lovelies! I hope your Monday has been full of peace & productivity! It’s crazy how my Monday’s can easily double the size of my To-Do List in just a few short hours…and if you’re anything like me, the anxiety {from that overwhelming feeling} of all the “to-do’s” can sometimes cause you to not get ANYTHING accomplished! It’s crazy how that works huh?!

Well, I’m a list maker…on paper…and that doesn’t always work for me because obvi this method lacks automated reminders anndddd papers get lost. But recently {out of desperation} I found two phone apps that work wonders for task saturated boss babes like me that on any given day are juggling Mom-ing, coporate life, entrepreneurial tasks and family demands! The apps are “Wunderlist” and “Todoist”, and they’re both available for iPhone and Android AND free!! Download them both and play around in the apps to determine which fits your needs best. Just thought I’d share that tidbit because I’m already feeling like it’s lifesaver for me!

Now let’s get to this cooler than water outfit {cheesy, but I had to do it!}…atlantaphotographer-22-(ZF-7087-77017-1-021)atlantaphotographer-21-(ZF-7087-77017-1-022)atlantaphotographer-26-(ZF-7087-77017-1-027)Vest styles are typically trending in the fall and winter seasons because they’re a great layering piece, but I always encourage my personal styling clients to pull out their vests and style them year-round! For summer, lightweight and light-colored vests are perfect to pair with your more basic pieces like jeans, shorts, tee & tanks. I created a chic casual look that turned lots of heads {while shooting} by pairing a bodysuit and jeans with a longline colorblock vest that I consider a statement piece. The vest is essentially the icing on the cake! 😉atlantaphotographer-29-(ZF-7087-77017-1-026)atlantaphotographer-25-(ZF-7087-77017-1-030)atlantaphotographer-27-(ZF-7087-77017-1-024)atlantaphotographer-28-(ZF-7087-77017-1-029)    Vest: SheIn // Bodysuit: CitiTrends // Jeans: Charlotte Russe // Heeled Sandals: JustFab                                                     Backpack: Zara // Glasses: AliExpress

I hope you’re inspired to take your summer looks to the next level by experimenting with vest styles! There’s so many options with different textures, lengths & cuts that I’m sure you’ll find a style that compliments your figure. Drop me a comment below if you want to know where I shop for the chicest of all chic vest styles! 🙂

Fashionably Yours,

PC: Gossett Photography

Hair By: M. Sharron Designs (IG: @msharrondesigns)

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