#NYE Style Inspo: What The Heck To Wear?!

#NYE Style Inspo: What The Heck To Wear?!

Isn’t it crazy how NYE just creaps up on ya right after Christmas?! I need like a whole month after Baby Jesus’ Bday to snap out of la la land and get my life together lol! Because I know my distracted mood over the holidays, I pre-planned a little style inspiration just in case you don’t have an outfit laid out for NYE (it’s tomorrow ya’ll!)…and not having an outfit is never a good excuse to bail out on the party!!

Like I said over on Instagram, this look was pulled together without spending a dime! I bought the sequinned dress while thrifting last year, the seqinned cape is a few years old from Lavish Alice, and I snagged the boots on sale from JustFab over Thanksgiving. I honestly never thought I’d wear the mini dress because clubwear is not really this Mama’s style these days…but when I spotted the cape in the corner of my closet it was an instant brilliant pairing to put the two together! It all of a sudden became a much more refined, classy nightlife outfit. I finished off the look with suede OTK boots because my rule of thumb is- if you’re showing a lot on top then cover the bottom, and vice versa. This keeps the look not necessarily modest, but balanced. Now let’s talk about how to pull together a showstoppin’ last minute outfit for YOU! It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the club, to a family friendly celebration {my plans!}, a fancy ball dinner, or to a friend’s house get together- I’ve got you covered to bring in the new year in style!!

Go in your closet right now and pull out EVERYTHING that contains the following: sequins, silver, fur, fringe, bodysuits/fitted long sleeve tops, leather skirts/leggings, printed stockings. Now lay everything across your bed and get busy mixing & matching until you create the perfect NYE look! Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite new year’s outfits (including a DIY blazer) that will hopefully inspire you to get creative and be BOLDY fabulous!!

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If you’re still stumped, well girl, give me a call and we do a quick style session via Skype! Sometimes you just need a second opinion, right?! 😉

I’ll see you in the new year babes!!



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  1. December 30, 2017 / 6:43 pm

    Girl, from the day I knew you, I knew you’re in for greatness. Who can pull together a show stopper outfits without spending a dime? Aliya

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