Classic Trends: The Plaid Blazer

Classic Trends: The Plaid Blazer

I love it when a #trending item in the world of street style is also a classic piece or wardrobe staple that I already have in my closet! Often times I hold off on buying trendy clothes and accessories because the likelihood that I’ll still love it after the trend has died down is slim to none. The checked plaid {formal name: tartan} blazer has been a universal style ‘thing’ for thousands of years, so to see it rocked by almost every popular fashion blogger all of a sudden as if it was something new was quite ironic to me. But ’tis fashion…”trends” are simply recycled over and over again through generations, and somehow made to look cooler along the way. 😉

I actually snagged this blazer for $5.99 while thrifting, and it’s vintage Brooks Brothers…winningggg! I opted to go more street with this look, pairing a mesh tank and ripped jeans with my blazer. The outfit could easily be dressed up (or made work appropriate) by simply switching out the tank and denim for a white button down and leather skinnies or slacks.

The good thing about this particular checked plaid print is that it’s basically a neutral. It can be paired with just about any color, and the print is made in every style of clothing to wear through all four seasons!

Mesh tank (thrifted) // Jeans: Gap // Boots: JustFab // Sunnies: AliExpress

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PC: Gossett Photography


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