The Interview: Essential BOSS Moves

The Interview: Essential BOSS Moves

You know that phrase “You gotta look the part to get the part”?…OK I may have made that up, but it couldn’t be more true! Last week I shared 20 wardrobe essentials and the classic white button-up shirt definitely made the list as a must-have closet staple! This piece can take you all the way from a job interview to luxe street style and everything in between!

The button-up I styled here by BLANK Wardrobe gives all the feels of a classic white shirt PLUS a little added flare with the prettiest big bell sleeves! It’s got a nice long length, but I paired it with high-waisted plaid shorts and tied it up for a cropped look. 

During my very first conversation with BLANK Wardrobe Boutique owner Venus I realized that we have A LOT in common…both creatives, fashion lovers, determined entrepreneurs, corporate chicks, and confident brown girls unveiling our magic one obstacle at a time! I decided to pick her brain and bring you guys some open, honest dialogue I had with her about style and the entrepreneurial journey. I hope this encourages you like it did me…

What’s the story behind BLANK Wardrobe? What birthed your concept?

BLANK Wardrobe was something that I’ve always wanted to share with the world before I even knew what it truly was. The actual concept – the feel and the look, I started working on 3 years ago. I’ve always been into fashion and beauty as seen with my fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog Pinkklipstick. But I wanted to be able to interact with my community in a different and more tangible way. I also wanted to create something that could turn into something bigger than sharing my thoughts on beauty and fashion. So, the concept of BLANK Wardrobe was birthed with the idea of being able to fit into a woman’s lifestyle with the ability to grow and develop with her. BLANK is all about edgy basics that women can build their wardrobes with as they try different trends to add their personalities to their looks. Style is something that is often looked at as being superficial, and it is, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be leveraged. BLANK is all about educating women on how to build a wardrobe that they can leverage in their professional and personal life. I’m all about empowering women, and BLANK helps me further that.

Your collection focuses on wardrobe basics with an edge. Why do you think the basics are so crucial in creating a functional wardrobe?

Basics are crucial to creating a functional wardrobe because once you have your basics in order you can mix and match and build on it. It’s similar to building a house, right? You have to make sure you have your basic foundation (your cement, your anchors, siding, brick, etc.) in order before you can start to decorate with the color paint you want to use or furniture that you want to add to your home. Your wardrobe is the same. You have to have your basics in order before you can add finesse to it. If you don’t, what ends up happening is that you constantly open up your closet and don’t having anything to wear, or you have pieces that you can’t pair with other items in your closet because they are too trendy.

Stepping out into entrepreneurship can be a scary thought, when and how did you decide you were ready to take the leap?
I think I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I was too scared to do it until recently. My blog helped me to hone in on my ‘why’ and ways that I can go ahead and leap into being an entrepreneur. When I started to make some money here and there with my blog, something that I created, everything came full circle for me and I realized that I can really get paid by doing something that I loved. So, my entrepreneurship journey started even before I knew it 5 years ago, seriously, with me taking my biggest leap 4 months ago with BLANK Wardrobe.

What single piece of advice can you give to women wanting to start their own business fueled by their passion in creative industries?
JUST DO IT. Do it and be consistent. Reach out to others and start building a network of people who are in a creative field or are entrepreneurs because this life can get lonely! I learned that a little late in the game and so I’m in the process of really trying to find my core group of people that not only I can lean on, but that we can lean on each other and provide that support that you need when you are an entrepreneur or doing something that is a bit off the wall.

Plaid Shorts, OTK Boots & Bag: Zara // Hat: Forever 21 // Glasses (local shop)

Fashionably Yours,


This post was sponsored by BLANK Wardrobe, but all opinions are my own.

PC: Morgan Hayes Photography

Hair: Monaé Allen



  1. Deborah C Flanagan
    February 11, 2018 / 7:34 pm

    Love the look entirely! Must visit Blank wardrobe.

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