Floral & Friendship Feels

Floral & Friendship Feels

Spring is herrrrrr ya’ll {in my best Martin Lawrence voice} and it’s my Birthday Weekend, woop woop!!! What’s your favorite thing about spring? Mine is big, bold floral prints! Give me all the floral tops, pants, dresses, and even shoes if I can find ’em! You can style bold florals down with a classic pair of jeans, or dress them up with an uber feminine skirt. I’ve scoured the net for the chicest floral tops for spring, so keep scrolling to check them out…

The outfit pairing options are endless with floral prints. I love a bold “matchy matchy” set like the yellow set below, but that may be a bit much for some. If your wardrobe consists of primarily black, white & neutrals, but you want to gently incorporate florals– look for pieces with a dark base like black, navy, or brown. Or, opt for a black & white floral print that functions well for a minimalist wardrobe because it’s simple and versatile. Now if you need to make room in your closet before adding new spring pieces, check out this post on spring wardrobe cleaning made easy!

On another note {back to my birthday}, I’m realllly digging my early 30’s!! Not only do you become completely and utterly aware of who YOU are, but I’ve also become very aware of who my REAL FRIENDS are. This means I no longer feel the need to waste time on superficial relationships that aren’t mutually beneficial, or laced in low key shade if you know what I mean! By beneficial I’m talking about feeding into each others’ lives mentally and spiritually. This is expressed through genuine support, encouragement, accountability, and Godly love that is always pure hearted, patient, and forgiving.

This type of friendship is not easy to come by which is why my circle is tight these days…and I’m totally happy with that. Sometimes it’s necessary to re-evaluate your girl crew, because as you mature and evolve as a person sometimes those old friends don’t grow with you and can end up hindering your positive progression. Now don’t get me wrong…there’s nothing wrong with having acquaintances that you keep in touch with or even hang out with, but know the difference between this type of relationship and real friends.

I love the quote that says “Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increases in value”. This couldn’t be more true! #qualityoverquantity

Sheer Top, Skirt & Bag: Zara // Heels: Lola Shoetique

PC: Morgan Hayes Photography

Hair: Monaé Allen



  1. March 24, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    Beautiful look and great wisdom on friendships.

    • March 24, 2018 / 7:49 pm

      Thank you Tahisha! Appreciate your sweet comment 🙂

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