Top 8 Beauty Trends From The Spring 2018 Fashion Shows

Top 8 Beauty Trends From The Spring 2018 Fashion Shows

Have you ever peeped hair & makeup trends from the “Big Four” {NY, London, Milan & Paris} fashion week runway shows? I’m typically laser focused in on the outfits, but lately I’ve been paying attention to the neck up too! Beauty brands strategically partner with top designers to showcase cutting edge beauty looks that will be trending in the coming season.

Whether it’s bold new eyeshadow techniques by Marc Jacobs or layers of glam lip shades by Maybelline, there’s tons of inspiration to incorporate into your fashion looks this season! This guest post by Brigitte gives us the whole scoop on Spring beauty…

Yes! They are here– all the beauty trends we were craving for. From makeup to hair, the spring fashion shows have brought a fresh perspective, some edgy looks, and they have given us a lot to experiment with.

So let’s see what we have to work with…

The glittery black eyeliner

This look is fresh off the Tom Ford show, and the best thing is it is an easy DIY option. Start with drawing a shape with a eyeliner, you can even opt for a cat eye form, then use eye gloss to help you secure the glitter eye shadow, This look is strong and elevated, perfect for 2018. A great variation to this was offered by Jill Stuart, with a show that was dominated by models with half-baked graphic cat-eye look which was absolutely captivating.

A color explosion

Still staying at the eyeliner stage, both Ulla Johnson and Tadashi Shoji shows brought us glittery and strong colored eyeliners reminiscent of spring. With Johnson presenting a signature look with the bright eyeliner slashed across just the lower lashline. This is a great look for bold girls who love experimenting with makeup trends.

All that hair

Source:Corey Tenold

Both Calvin Klein and Tory Burch opted for effortless wind-blown air-dried hair. Of course this type of look, however easy it might seem, requires substantial length and hair quality. So if you simply must have this vibe in 2018, and your hair just isn’t long enough, opt for quality clip in hair extensions, they are bound to do the trick. You will get the fresh off the Calvin Klein runway look, and it opens up a lot of possibility for makeup experimentation as well.

And there is the exception

Source: Elle UK

While the spring 2018 fashion shows were mostly dominated by long hair and updos, the rebel that he is, Tom Ford opted for pixie cuts, reminiscent of Twiggy in the sixties. With Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid heading the show, owning these memorable looks, this trend is bound to be seen on NYC streets this year.

Let’s not forget the just got out of bed look

Source: Usplash

Yes, it is back and here to stay, the tangled hair, messy buns and undone updos. A whole selection of designers opted for just that look this spring. You could see it at the Michael Kors runway all the way to Badgley Mischka and Public School. Honestly, this trend is great for all us busy women with places to be and things to buy. Quick, easy and stylish, who new bed hair could be so fun.   

The new take on the red lip

Red lip is powerful as is, but this year designers like Sies Marjan opted for an even more memorable overdrawn version of the red lip. Others chose matte finishes and blurred lines to soften the look a bit. And then, there are those like Philosophy di Lorenzo who offered a more innovative look with lip gloss slicked over the popsicle like stains.

The fresh look

Source: Unsplash

Victoria Beckham brought a spa like look to her show. So, fresh, glowy skin, well rested and soft. It’s simplistic yet effective, and this is something we all should afford our skin, a bit of pampering so as to get that natural glow that the healthy and well treated skin has. So this year change it up, go minimalistic a few times and let your skin take the main stage, you can always blame it on Victoria.

Glitter and gold

Soft gold eye shadows were ever present at the 2018 shows, you could spot them on the runways of Derek Lam and Zimmerman. With subtlety being a must, so that these tones do not overpower the eye or the eyeliner. They were just there to accentuate the natural shape and to add a dash of extravagance. This is the one look you can pull off easily, just make sure you don’t overstate it, temperance is essential.

There you have it, the top eight beauty trends straight off the Spring 2018 runway. What makes them great is the fact that almost all of the trends can be reproduced in the comfort of our own home, it just takes a bit of creativity and a steady hand. So excited to see the everyday versions of these looks when they start flooding the streets as soon as the snow melts.

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