Do you have a closet full of clothes you barely wear?

Have nice pieces but struggle with creating outfits?

Want to know what key items are missing to have a ‘wearable’ collection of clothes and accessories?

Editing your closet is the first step to obtaining a smart and organized wardrobe. After a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your personal style and goals, I will come to your closet and together we will “edit” out the items that need to be retired. This process will eliminate any unflattering, ill-fitted and outdated pieces to make room for the new. We’ll keep what works for now, store what works for later and purge what needs to go. I will organize your closet along the way if needed while sharing tips on how to make getting dressed easy and efficient. Once we are done editing and organizing, you will receive a personalized shopping list of ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ items that we will use to build upon your current wardrobe.

$55/hr (2 Hour Minimum)

*A $10 travel fee will apply if your location is outside of the Atlanta Perimeter